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Today we started installing a vinyl deck railing system made by a Canadian company from Quebec called Plastival. We purchased the kits from Central Home Improvement Warehouse in Antigonish.

This is a completely new decking system for me to install. So follow along in a few short videos of the different sections of railing, tips on cutting vinyl and other things learned along the way.

Saturday July 26 2014:

Sunday July 27 2014:

Monday July 28 2014:

Saturday August 03 2014

Update September 26, 2017:

Lately I have been getting several inquiries from people around North America who are asking if I am supplier of this product or if I know where to find spare parts. It seems several people are installing this product and parts are missing from the boxes. I am not a supplier, and neither do I have any left over parts. To the best of my knowledge the company that made this product is no longer in business. I’ve been told that its been rebranded as “EMS” so you can try that link.

Update September 28, 2017:

Phil D. from NY, USA sourced a rail bracket at Menards. That product looks very much like what was used by Plastival. Contact Menards for parts availability.

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