Book Review: Crafting with Paracord

Crafting with Paracord,book review

This book, “Crafting with Paracord – 50 fun and creative projects using the world’s strongest cord“, was written by Chad Poole. The publisher, Ulysses Press, contacted me and asked I offer a review of the book. So here is my review with no strings attached… pun intended 🙂 For more reviews, you can also visit the link above for Amazon customer reviews.



Let me start by saying that this type of book doesn’t really catch my interest. I might pick it up in passing while at the local book store and flip through it more out of curiosity than anything else. From a creative standpoint I find this book intrigues me. Beyond the obvious current fad of making knotted bands, straps and friendship bracelets, there are many practical uses for this type of rope tying skill. Such as handles, tug pulls and here’s a thought… a tow strap. When you are out stuck in a rut in no man’s land and the rope you have is not strong enough to get you out, knowing a few simple braiding techniques to enhance the rope’s strength will get you out of a tight bind.

I showed this book to a fisherman friend and they were quite intrigued by the subject. Given the fact that many fishermen have an interest in knot tying abilities, it shows that the book’s subject matter is not limited to paracord enthusiasts.

Crafting with Paracord,book review
Table of Contents
Crafting with Paracord,book review
Crafting with Paracord, practical uses
Crafting with Paracord,book review
Crafting with Paracord

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