Woodworking Tips

Record your tool list

 Did you get a new tool? Be sure to engrave your name and/or phone number somewhere in case it is lost or stolen! You should also keep an inventory of all of your tools and what you paid for them in case of theft, explosion, fire or other event that destroys your shop.  Pictures are especially helpful for any insurance claims!  (The value of this tip was proven to me when someone told me a story of a carpenter whose radial arm saw was stolen from his truck, was later told by a friend that his missing saw was for sale at a local second-hand store. He was thinking of buying it and while inspecting it saw the neighbor’s name and phone number engraved under the table). You may also want to check to see if your homeowners insurance covers the cost of all your tools or if you have to add a rider to cover the actual amount.  Some homeowner or apartment policies will cover $250 or $500 of tools (especially if you also use them for work) so you may want to add a bit more!

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