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Dump cart panels

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Recycling plywood

It starts with some recycled plywood that’s been sitting in the garage for 5-6 years… just waiting for a purpose.





I spent a couple hrs last evening disassembling the wood chipper blades and sharpening. Today I built a set of panels for the quad cart. Goal being to chip trees down in the woods, blow chips into the cart, and then dump chips in the garden.

First is the cart, and get some basic measurements.

atv dump cart
atv dump cart

Making the most of what I have, I reused some stakes from a previous cart extension I had made (that cart has come and gone). Then I used a simply tab/slot method to join the four sides. Done in about an hour and can now carry 2-3 times as much as previous. The cart can easily carry 600-700 lbs of crushed stone by itself without the plywood sides. Consisting of 4 panels, the 2 long sides have stakes are 48 x24 inches, the other two ends are 24 x 31-1/2 inches. Slots cut to fit the 4 panels together. Easily stores away flat after use.

Dump cart extension box.
Dump cart extension box.


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