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Woodworking Tip for Easy Mixing

Easy Mixing: It can be messy mixing adhesives, like two part epoxy, powdered glues, dry putty, etc. They are just another opportunity to ruin my clothes, stain my hands and generally make a mess of my workbench. Now we do our mixing without any fuss or mess. Put the ingredients in a small plastic sandwich bad and “squish” it until well mixed. Then, snip off the corner of the bag and squeeze out what you need. Different materials and different uses may require a larger or smaller ‘snip’, but the technique definitely works and I thank you…It’s simple and effective!
As an add-on, I discovered that some ‘thick’ materials are difficult to squeeze from the bag.  I solved this by placing a 1″ diameter dowel near the top of the bag and rolling up the bag on the dowel to gain some leverage.

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