Kitty cat came for a visit


Coming back from the post office, this cat scooted from our door and up past the wood pile. I made the classic “pssss pssss pssss” sound and it would reply with a “meow”. From the deck I got it to see me tapping on the deck floor and over he came.



Being cautious of course, not knowing what sort of cat it might be… or what it might have… it seemed affectionate, and healthy. It meowed some more, maybe it didn’t like the rain that was coming down. When I walked to the door to go in the house, he made straight for the door. Not wanting him in the house I had Gina get his attention through the glass door while I went to get some milk. Would he drink it? Apparently not. Water maybe? Back into the house and out with some water too. Now he has options. Nope, no water. Well the only thing left is if he’s hungry. A bit of tuna? I put a couple fork fulls onto a plate and voila… he’s hungry. He ate that in short order, then his attention turned to me or Gina who was behind the glass door (taking pictures).

In for another plate of tuna and out again, he ate most of that too while back and forth following us around the deck. Eventually he did some stretching, some playing then off to the wood pile. Pretty sure he heard something.

Knowing from my sister in law, her cats like boxes, I dug one out of the garage and placed it on the deck. Maybe a little cozy place for him to curl up.

As of right now, he’s sitting on the Adirondack chair taking a nap.

Life is good when you are a cat! 🙂






What? You want another picture?
What? You want another picture?



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