Not running at 100%

Battered and bruised.
Look for the obvious

Difficulty running at 100%… well, … this weekend we were blocking and splitting firewood. My go-to chainsaw (I have a few) would not work on Saturday. Played with the air/fuel adjustment screws to the point I was all messed up. So I went online to one of the forestry forums and posted the quandry I was in. Overnight …



…a couple guys replied with a few suggestions. So back to the workshop Sunday morning, reset the screws to factory settings and made the recommended adjustments. STILL would not work. Ok, somethings really not right here. So the only thing to do is a full check of all systems on the chains saw.

Trigger working? Check.
Chain ok? Check.
Chain oil level ok? Check.
Gas level ok? Damn.
I forgot to put gas in it.
Works great now! 🙂
So the lesson here is that its not always the machine’s fault. Sometimes its the operator that needs adjustment.


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