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Unique tow bar feature

Tow bar adapter
Figure 1: S-clamp

Recently I had rented a post hole digger and had the choice to either transport it in the back of the truck or tow it. I opted to tow it. The fellow and the rental place came out with this unit, which I thought was pretty slick. The wheels and axle (Figure 1 and Figure 2) stay on the machine, while the tow bar detaches.



Figure 2 shows the axel is a bolt on unit to the machine.

Bolt on axle
Figure 2: Bolt on axle

Figure 3 shows the detached tow bar.

Tow bar
Figure 3: Tow bar

The pins in Figure 4 hook into the S-shaped part of Figure 1.

Tow bar pins.
Figure 4: Tow bar pins.

The machine is then lowered so that its secondary attachment point (Figure 6) bolts onto the tow bars secondary clamp (Figure 5).

Secondary point of attachment
Figure 5: Secondary point of attachment
Machine's secondary point of attachment
Figure 6: Machine’s secondary point of attachment

I don’t know the name of the manufacturer, but I  thought it to be a slick setup.

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