Sunroom update – when panes become a pain

Custom sunroom addition.
Butyl tape not doing its job.

When I installed the safety glass on my sunroom addition, I used some commercial grade black butyl tape to stick the glass to the boards. However, now the glass is slowly sliding out.  The roof has a 15 degree pitch.  Now to figure out a solution.




The glass was initially installed so that the edge of the glass met the ends of the 2×6 rafters.

Custom sunroom addition.
A slow and gradual slide.

It took me a while to come up with something that could solve the problem a la DIY rather than having something custom made. I need some sort of ‘hook’ to put a stop to the effects of gravity. After some thought… deck plates.

Fixing the effects of gravity.
A la DIY – Using something for something else.

I knew the only way to cut these was to use a grinder, so luckily the deck plates come with holes pre-drilled. Its just a matter of making a few passes with the cutting tool to cut the plates in half and then trim them to make a ‘hook’.

Work safely with power tools.
Slow and steady passes to get the cut.
DIY guide to sunroom repairs.
Make multiple passes to cut through safely.
DIY sunroom repairs.
More passes with the grinder to make the hook.

Then it was just a matter of trimming each part to shape the ‘hook’ and then file them to remove rough edges. I really don’t know how well this will work. I imagine the hooks will keep the glass from sliding. More concerning is if the tempered glass might shatter.

I hope not!

DIY home repairs of sunroom.
Galvanized metal hooks installed with stainless screws.





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