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Refinishing country pine projects

Refinishing pine furniture.
Getting ready to spray.

Gina acquired a quilt stand from her mom today, it was built by her Uncle Burton many years ago. She wanted to paint it, along with the bathroom tissue cabinet I made years ago, so first thing to do is sand down all the parts.



Clear finish sanded off.
Country pine quilt stand.

I wasn’t sure if the clear coat on the quilt stand was lacquer or water based. So I did try some furniture stripper first but that didn’t work out. Assuming its water based, I set about hand sanding the two pieces. Now ready for spraying. I pulled out the mason jar sprayer that I’ve used on other occasions recently, so I set it up again.

Using a hand held sprayer.
Refinishing the country pine project.

First thing was to water down the paint a bit. This step is always trial and error. But I had difficulty this time because the little compressor I have could not keep up with the amount of air flowing out of the sprayer. So it was time to set up the portable Wagner HVLP sprayer.

Refinishing old pine projects outdoors.
Time to pull out the Wagner HVLP sprayer.

While the Wagner is a good sprayer too, I don’t have a lot of time using it. Mostly because there’s a bit more work involved in cleaning it up afterwards. I finished the projects and had to bring them into the workshop because it was getting dark and it called for rain overnight.

The next morning I went back to inspect the spraying and pretty much didgot a good single coat done, but it needed another. One thing I did notice was that some over spray got on the the quad that was parked in the garage.

That won’t happen again. Time to pull that out and set up a temp spray booth. Which is easy to do if you have about 5 bed sheets (doubles size). If not, mix and match. 🙂

Old bed sheets recycled.
Protect your stuff from overspray.

All I did was cut a bunch of copper wire and made some hanger hooks, then poked a hole in the cloth where needed. I have an old 2×10 board that’s been up on the garage track for years, its got a big split in it, but I’ve been saving it for something. Now I have a use for it 🙂 A few cup hooks from the recycle drawers and now its a curtain rod!

Copper wire recycled.
Its curtains for you!
Recycling copper wire.
Copper wire curtain hooks.

All done, now just waiting for the paint to dry.

Temporary spray booth.
HLVP Wagner spray booth.




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