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Planter box moisture damage.

Moisture damage to deck
Its rotten thing that water can do when it has no place to go.

That deck beam is a triple pressure treated 2×10, so for sure that outside board is going to have to come off. The water damage was much more extensive that first thought.





Water damage.
Moisture takes its toll.
Renovation discovery.
Deck rot from planter boxes.
Rotten wood.
Renovations always bring discovery.
Deck renovations.
Rotten right through triple 2×10 pressure treated lumber.
Time to see the damage.
Two 12 ft and one 4ft sections of planter boxes removed.
Deck damaged by moisture.
Rotten wood and fuzzy white stuff.
Water damaged decks.
Renovations… love them. :/
Deck damaged by moisture.
Rotten, just rotten.

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