Planter box liner.

Planter box liner.
Planter box liner.

Next, cut the braces that will hold the screen. The game plan is to not fill the entire 17 inch deep box with soil, so a false bottom is necessary.




For the second planter box, I did do mitered corners on the table saw. Just a couple pictures of that being set up and put together. Time will tell which joinery methods is stronger.

Planter box joinery method.
A different way to assemble the planter box.
Building a planter box
Mitered corners.

So I decide to go with what the dear wife says and give her about 8 inches to work with. The screen is leftovers from an old soil screen I had. The screen was coiled up for some time and I could not get the curve to come out of it so it is what it is, deal with it. 🙂 I screwed in 3 1.5×1.5 inch pressure treated bars as shown in the photo. The screen will simply rest on that.

Building a planter box.
Soil screen for a planter box.

Next, cut the metal to line the box to help preserve the wood from contact with the soil. I have some aluminum flashing metal scraps in the workshop. But only enough to do one planter box, even then, it will be in pieces. All that’s left to do is secure the trim top.

Building a planter box.
Making use of recycled materials.

I used left over aluminum flashing to line the inside of the planter box.

Lined planter box.
A completed planter box.

All done!

Custom designed planter box.
Planter box all ready!


Built in planter boxes.
The old planter boxes.

Now that these planter boxes are complete, its time to remove the built-in planter boxes that were attached to the deck. The planter boxes were 2x12ft, built from 2×6 pressure treated lumber and were in place for about 7 years.

Expecting some moisture problems. Tearing off the planter boxes revealed more damage than expected. Its clear that the design was not a good one to keep away the moisture.

You know what that means… its renovation time… and for anybody that has done a renovation, its rarely straight forward.




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