Planter box assembly.

Constructing a planter box.
Framing a planter box.

Framing up the long side of the box.





Oppps! Mistakes do happen.

Plan carefully.
Screwing up!

The plan calls for mitered joints. At the time I was pondering this, the dear wife came in for a look. She suggested to just do what’s easiest. That would be a butt joint. Ok, I’ll go along with that. When I make the second box, I’ll do the mitered joint.

Assembling a planter box.
Choosing a joint style.

Here’s what it will look like.

Planter box assembly.
Planter box assembly.

All four frames in place.

Planter box projects.
Frames in place.

Next, cut the panels and nail in place.

Planter box woodworking project.
Ready for a box liner.

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