Planter Boxes.

planter box woodworking projects
Rough sketch planter boxes

The Process: Draw up a plan for custom size planter boxes and execute the plan.

planter box woodworking projects
Rough sketches of planter boxes

Let’s start with a plan sketch… and then get busy cutting the outside corner posts.

Planter box corner posts.
Planter box corner posts.

Next, I cut all the other parts, making the best use of materials.

Planter box parts.
Planter box parts.

Be careful when cutting on the table saw. Knots can break loose and jam the saw blade. When you are running lumber through your saw and all of a sudden the saw does not sound right, safely stop what you are doing, unplug the saw and proceed to check for problems.

Safety at the table saw.
What out for knots!

Everything stacked and cut, ready for assembly.

Planter box parts.
All organized and ready for assembly.

Next step…

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