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Snowflake wreath on the scroll saw

Snowflake door wreath
Snowflake door wreath

The Mission: Make use of scrap wood and create some Christmas gifts.
The Total Cost so far: $0 materials
Total time: 3 hrs

A good scrap wood project using your scroll saw.
The Process: Found some free clip art snowflake patterns online and resized them to how I wanted them to be.

I spent about an hour to cut out the snowflakes from some 1/8 inch thick luan plywood.

Snowflake mini wreaths
Snowflake mini wreaths

Then decided on how to orientate the snowflakes to make a wreath.

Making a wooden snowflake wreath.
2. Making a wooden snowflake wreath.
Making a wooden snowflake wreath.
3. Making a wooden snowflake wreath.

I was thinking about simply dipping the stars into some watered down latex paint. As you can see in the photo, the paint was a little too thick. I tried watering it down again but the same result. So I gave up on the dipping idea and used some white paint in a spray can.

Dipping snowflakes in paint.
4. Dipping snowflakes in paint.

Now all sprayed, two coats, just waiting for them to dry.

Sprayed snowflakes.
5. Sprayed snowflakes.

All done!

Snowflake door wreath
6. Snowflake door wreath

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