Wallenstein BX42R wood chipper twig breaker repair

Twig breaker on a Wallenstein BX42R-RED
Twig breaker on a Wallenstein BX42R-RED

Twig breaker was broke off when I bought this unit. Bought a new one (cost about $75) and when fitting it, the breaker strikes the slots in the flywheel blades. So an adjustment needs to be made with a grinder.




Just got off the phone with the Peter, tech support at the manufacturer. Seems that from the time our chipper was made they replaced the design of the rotor and twig breaker. I was shipped the newer twig breaker which does not fit on the older rotor. So anybody with an older model looking to replace the twig breaker with part #1011W104, make sure the rotor is the newer design. You can confirm that by giving them your model number. Otherwise you need the older twig breaker part#XC56025.

I’ll be keeping this newer twig breaker and simply adapting the slots on the rotor to make this work. I asked about moving the rotor/shaft and he said no because the main bearings fit in a shoulder on the shaft. I did a video on the replacement.

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New twig breaker in place. Had to grind away a little bit off a couple of the the rotor blades to prevent striking. Once that was all good, I sparked up the tractor for a test run. Passed through a small fir tree about 15 ft long and 2 inch dia at the butt. by the time the tree was almost in the feed chute, the discharge chute was jammed up with lots of small twigs. Not what I expected. I guess I’ll have to play with the feed rate, maybe I feed it in too quick.


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  • J.B.

    Thanks for the post on the Wallenstein BX42R.

    You’ve had it nine years now. Would you recommend one to someone looking to clear a lot of brush on a large timber lot?

    Any other problems beside the “twig breaker”?

    Anything else to look out for when shopping for a used model BX42R?

    Any comments or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jim Barry

      I only owned it for less than a year. The 35hp Massey tractor I had really was not enough HP to run it. It kept plugging up. It might of been due to the type of trees we were chipping as well, mostly softwood (fir and spruce).

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