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Wainscoting in the basement part 17

Woodworking wainscoting and walnut flooring.
Wainscot is done, now to the walnut flooring.

This post covers the final month of this remodel. All the little bitty things that need to get done before the dust pan is put away.

July 05: 3 hours of installing trim and filling holes and sanding.

July 06: 4 hours of sanding and re-filling holes.

July 07: 3 hours of sanding and painting primer.

July 08: 1 hour final filling gaps with caulking and 4.5 hours.painting.

July 09: 4 hours painting wainscoting (2nd coat).

July 10: 2 hours.painting a couple of doors and touchups to a couple of outlets where the plaster guys did not go close enough to cover gaps. I discovered when I was putting on electrical plates that there were gaps in the walls, plaster was missing. So they had to be filled and of course, it has to dry overnight, and sand and paint a couple of coats. Another coat of paint on the doors and then we can start the floors

July 15: 3.5 hours to finish applying the last of the paint and to fix touch ups. So it took about 85 hours to complete the wainscoting, that’s two solid weeks if a person were at it 8 hrs a day. We are now moving on to flooring… with the same sort of work schedule. Try and get at it each night for at least an hour or so. There are still door casings and trim to install and doors to be hung, then there’s all the baseboard and two coats of paint on top of that. We’re over the hump for sure but still a ways to go.

Woodworking wainscoting and walnut flooring.
Install the walnut engineered flooring.

There are always a few things to work around when installing flooring products. This basement is no different. Ok, well, its a little different. Here is a floor drain that requires a ‘trap door’. I simply cut 4 sections of the flooring and glued them together. They fit snugly into the floor and can slide out for access if necessary.

Woodworking and home improvement
Accommodating for the floor drain.
Floor drain trap door
Floor drain trap door

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