Renovations,  Trim and Moldings

Wainscoting in the basement part 15

Trimming the wainscot boxes
Trimming the wainscot boxes.

Spent about 6.5 hours of cutting and installing the pine trim moldings for inside the wainscot boxes… all 32 boxes!





You would think that all the boxes are all the same size, so it would be as easy as cutting 32 sets of trim. But, such is not the case. Every piece has to be individually measured. While most were about the same, there was some variance.

Carpentry and trim work.
Measure twice… cut…

Its really starting to come together.

Custom wainscoting.
Wainscot around windows.

The vent in that wall trimmed out really good.

DIY your own wainscot.
Stairway wall wainscot.

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