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Wainscoting in the basement part 10

DIY and basement remodeling.
Take the time to plan the panel positions.

Today I spent 2-1/2 hrs cutting and nailing in some more top and bottom wainscot trim and lining up where the vertical pieces will go. Most of the time was spent up in the workshop cutting out the other three bottom plates of the window boxes. You’ve only seen three windows so far but there is another window in an adjacent room that will receive similar trim work (but no wainscot).



DIY and basement remodeling.
Take the time to plan the panel positions.
Build you own wainscot panels.
Casing in a window with wainscot.

The stairway is behind this wall (below) and you can see that the basement cold air return is an obstacle to trim around. I suppose there are a number of ways to deal with this; recess the grate, put a wide trim around the grate, or as I did, made it a flush fit.

Woodworking and wainscoting.
Wainscoting around a cold air return.
Build your own wainscot panels.
Incorporating a cold air return wall vent.

I opted for a near flush fit for the vent screen.

Woodworking and wainscoting.
Make it a part of the design.

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