Trim and Moldings

Wainscoting in the basement part 7

Making our own trim stock.
Custom cap trim work.

Here is a close up picture of the store bought quarter round. As you can see it doesn’t fit. It was fine for the bead board panels that were 3/8 inch thick but this MDF is 3/4 inch thick so I need to make a similar profile molding but make it 3/8 inch wider.



Below you can see a sample trim I made up to test fit. A pretty good fit so now its off to the workshop to make a lot more of it.

DIY woodworking.
Sometimes you have to make your own trim stock.

I had previously purchased two 3/4 inch thick pine boards about 6 ft long and got to work ripping them to width and then bringing them to the router table to be profiled.

DIY woodworking on the router table.
Carving our own profile.

Below you will see that the next step in the process is to make the final rip on the tablesaw to get the proper thickness of the molding.

Building your own trim stock.
Trimming the trim stock.

The end result of all this work is shown below. A fairly simple process that took no more than 30 minutes to do.

DIY your own trim work.
Trim work that’s perfect for door stops too.

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