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Wainscoting in the basement part 6

Laundry room trim work
Laundry room trim work

Too busy through the week to get at it in the evenings. Spent much of Saturday (6 hrs) working on the wainscoting by finishing up the wood trim inside the panels. Nailed in the store bought chair rail (white) and made my own cap to top off the wainscot (made from pine). The entrance room is now fully done and being prepped for painting (filling nail holes). Its now time to tackle the main living space in the basement. Shown here is the wainscoting we put in the laundry room. I used store bought beadboard and 2 pieces of store bought chair rail and quarter round. So this is what I also want to do for chair rail in the other rooms.

Here is how I wrapped a corner with two doorways. The cap on the chair rail still needs to be installed.

DIY wainscot information
Wrapping wainscot around a doorway.

I continued to wrap around that doorway and the remaining pictures show the other walls in the room.

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