Product Review: Krylon Exterior Wood Stain Spray Can Application

Krylon Wood Stain review.
Krylon Wood Stain review.

The Mission: To review the new product line of Krylon spray can applications of its semi-transparent exterior wood stains. I was contacted by a marketing company working on behalf of Krylon to review the product. They sent me samples of the following items: Semi-Transparent Cedar, Redwood, Rustic Brown and Honey Gold.



The Process: To perform spray tests on sample pieces of wood to determine effectiveness of the spray can tip and the quality of the paint with respect to spray patterns, drying time, dry color.

The Results: I tested the four colors on a number of different wood samples. A scrap piece of birch veneer plywood, a scrap piece of spruce 2×4, a scrap piece of pressure treated lumber that’s been outdoor for 3 years and a scrap piece of pressure treated lumber that was new this year from the lumber yard. For display purposes in this review I will show the samples sprayed on plywood.

The Honey Gold (below left) and Redwood (below right) Stains: The spraying tips on all of these cans produce a very good spray pattern with the exception of the Redwood. As you can see, plenty of spots were spitting out. I don’t know if the spray tip was faulty or if it was because of the Redwood paint formula. The spray patterns you see here are from a one coat application, overlapping about 3-4 inches with each pass. The appearance of the Honey Gold reminded me of peanut butter.

Honey Gold and Redwood stains.
Honey Gold and Redwood stains.

The Cedar (below left) and Rustic Brown (below right) Stains: The coverage of the Cedar and of the Rustic Brown were much more even. I used the same spraying method, with the same number of passes.

Cedar and Rustic Brown stains.
Cedar and Rustic Brown stains.

Pros: With exception of the Redwood spray tip, the spray tips used in this product are the best I’ve seen to date for any spray can application.

Cons: While the drying time does take effect within 15 to 20 minutes as stated on the can, it must be noted that the stain does not dry on knots. As you can see in the photos, there are several knots. Even after 6 days, I could pass my finger over the knots and it would be tacky, with stain transferring to my finger.

Pass or Fail?: Fail. The product has potential however due to the fact that this product does not dry on knots, I cannot recommend buying this product for the purpose of applying this stain on wood that will be in contact with people or animals, whether it be walking on, climbing on or sitting on. Otherwise it would be an ok product for projects and structures that are not meant to be touched.

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