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Complete bathroom renovation part 4

Durock installation
Durock installation

Spent the day finishing installing the Durock cement board, installing most of the drywall except where the plumberneeds to work. I’ve been told that 1/2 plywood could have been used or “green board” (moisture resistant drywall). I opted to use the Durock.



Durock installation
Durock installation

Put a second coat of plaster in the spare room and plastering where I could in the bathroom without hindering the workspace needed by the plumber. That concluded the bulk of my work on this job. Another contractor was hired for the tile work.

The final day was spent painting, installing the shelving and closing up the tub access. And one more trip back to apply a second coat of paint.

[Call back: Part of my job was to move the bathroom door to accommodate the new vanity cabinet. which was not on site. The plumber was to install it at a later date. It appears the measurements involved were incorrect so I had to go back and tear out the door, reframe it and patch and plaster the drywall. My lesson learned here was to not take measurements given for granted. Next time no door would be installed until the cabinetry is on site.]


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