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Tricky shed demolition part 3

Lag screws!!
Lots of 3 inch lag screws!

On all the joins and around the perimeter of the roof, the builder had used 4 inch long galvanized screws with a 3/8 inch hex head. Along with stainless steel washers and I found remains of some sort of foam washer to prevent leaking… didn’t work. I had to use the impact gun with a socket to get them off.



Of course they were all covered in some sort of industrial silicone. I had to scrap down each screw head before I could get the impact gun on it. The ones that were too far gone (corroded bolt heads) I cut off with the saw.

Lag screws!!
Lots of 4 inch lag screws!

Working our way through the roof removal.

Careful deconstruction.
Careful deconstruction.

The entire shed roof is made of of galvanized panels that are 8ft long and 2-1/2 feet wide. I’m guessing they weigh about 100 lbs each. So we cut them in half to manage more easily.


Train car shed roof.
Train car shed roof.

Standing up to stretch my back.

Stretching the ol knees.
Stretching the ol knees.

And then right back at it.

Demolition, the only way to do it.
The only way to do it.

Getting near the end of the day. Its about 4:30 pm now. Figure we’ll hang around to finish off and clean up the place.

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