Driveway lighting

3 globe driveway lighting.
3 globe driveway lighting.

This project took a few days to do. Three holes dug to below frost level, inserted custom made cement forms, mixed the cement, mounted the anchor bolts and let it cure. Then a 240 foot run of underground wiring for electricity, with pvc piping under the driveway to protect the wiring. Each lamp is rated for 100 watts, but 60 watt bulbs were used. The circuit is controlled with a timer.


Driveway lighting.
Driveway lighting.
3 globe driveway lighting.
3 globe driveway lighting.
3 globe driveway lighting.
3 globe driveway lighting.

Someone commented on liking these driveway lights (see comments below). I don’t recommend people buy them because the finish wears off in a couple of years. Here is a picture of one of the light fixtures on the house, it barely sees the sun and is protected by a covered porch.

Outdoor light fixture
corrision within a couple of years

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    • Jim Barry

      Hi Mayra,
      We bought them at Canadian Tire (national hardware store here in Canada) 7 years ago. I would not recommend you buy them. The finish on the metal will not last more than a couple of years. After three years we had to take them all down and refinish them. I’ll attach a picture to this discussion thread in a few minutes to give you an idea.


      • Mayra

        I saw the new picture, thank you for letting me know about the finish. They looked so lovely when you first put them up.

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