Utility Trailer construction tools storage cabinets

Contractors trailer tool storage
Contractors trailer tool storage

First thing I wanted to do was apply a wood preservative to the floor and areas susceptible to water damage. I had a 4 liter jug of Recochem Copper II Green Preservative in my garage. It was leftover from a project I did about 12 years ago, building wooden cribs and erecting highway signs. It was a full 4 liters so I couldn’t through it out. 🙂



First thing I did was read the MSDS on the material. If you are curious about the product you will have to log into their service. I believe the sheet is on page 8 or 9 of the product listings. While it may be an unusual application I think it can be applied. So long as there is proper ventilation, over time the residual fumes should dissipate.

Three sections of base cabinets (32″ high, 48″ wide and 24″ deep) are added and scaled so that the metal brake can be stationed on top at a comfortable working height. Face frames were cut from one piece of 3/4 plywood and the cutouts will become the drawer fronts. The floor space remianing is 56 inches, plenty of room to lay down plywood when picking up material for a project.

Aluminum brake and storage
Aluminum flashing brake and storage

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