VicWest metal roof installation

VicWest metal roof installation
Never installed a metal roof before.

The metal roofing on the second side was installed in the morning and I added the ridge cap after lunch. This product offered by Vicwest is easy to work with.




Roof panels, but the ridge cap is not installed yet.

Slate blue VicWest metal roof
Paneling completed.

There were more than enough screws to do the job, I must have 200 left over, even though I placed the screws 16 inches on center. My neighbor, Hugh, was there on site in the morning waiting for me however the crew arrived to prep the basement floor pad, install weeping tile and backfill. So he was hired on to help them. Good timing for him! Yesterday I installed rigid foam sheets around the perimeter of the concrete walls to add some insulation R value.

Home build - basement work
Basement work begins.

Gina and I installed the other side of the roof and it went pretty quick, given the fact I already had the strapping, starter strip and gable ends installed. Took me about 3 hours to screw down one side.

Finishing the ridge cap.

VicWest roof installation
Almost done!

I wasn’t sure of how to finish off the ridge cap, so I made up what I thought would work ok and look ok too.

Finishing a metal ridge cap
Guesswork at this stage 🙂
Finishing a metal ridge cap
Turned out ok.

Close up of ridge cap on roof. There were 4 ten foot sections sent, the ridge is only 32 ft long so rather than cut off, I simply gave a 2-1/2 ft overlapped per join. Should have no problems with water penetration. And, I turned the ends over for a water tight fit.

Finishing a metal ridge cap
Looks good.


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