Building a home garage and workshop part 7

Time to move.
Its moving day!

Well, not into the house. That has not even broken ground yet. But we can move the house contents from the moving truck to the garage. Another bright morning. Nice to see a bunny rabbit on the lawn to greet the morning sun.



Ok. Almost finished the garage. I had to return the generator. I should of bought one instead of renting one. Next time I won’t let SWMBO talk me out of buying a new tool 🙂 So the windows are not all installed but enough to provide some good light. So today is Moving Day! Its funny how a truck takes 8 hours to load and 2 hours to unload….. 🙂 But the moving is all done for now.

Moving day.
Truck empty, garage full

The window you see there is actually a window pane from a 4 window unit that came out of the father in laws home. I built a frame and sealed with caulking. One on either side of the garage door. Now its just to sit back and enjoy the view and watch and wait…patiently…for the house to be built. But we can’t be too lazy, I still have to install a couple of those same windows facing the lake and we have to block the studs.

Settled in for now.
Settled in for now.


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