Building a home garage and workshop part 6

Building a workshop
Garage door goes in

This morning we spent in town getting some lumber and hardware supplies so we didn’t get back until about lunch time. Our neighbor Hugh showed up again and helped install the single door and the garage door as well as two layers of felt paper on the roof. Then I fell off the roof…



The roof will at least be weather tight until the custom metal roofing arrives in a couple weeks. Had an accident though while roofing. While climbing the ladder I was taking my last foot off to get on the roof and the ladder gave way from its footing. Down I went…a 10 fall onto a sloped gravel surface which I think helped me from breaking bones. For all the quarry rock around luckily I didn’t break ribs or smash my head in. It amazing how quick an accident could change things. And true to my nature, I got back up onto the roof (after catching my breath) and finished the roofing. 🙂 Leg and hip hurts tonight. I should be in “wonderful” shape tomorrow.

Thanks to Hugh for helping me with installing the garage door.

2005-08-16: Installing a garage door.
Garage door in place.

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