Building a home garage and workshop part 5

DIY soffit and fascia
Soffit and fascia

Today is soffit and fascia installation. Other than breaking for lunch and supper, this is pretty much all we did until the sun disappeared behind the lake.

Carpentry and building a workshop.
Jim on the ladder

Our closest full time, year round neighbor (many go down south for the winter) stopped by to introduce himself. Hugh offered the use of some staging he had from when he built his own house down at the other end of the lake. He left and returned with the staging, driving a very sweet 1965 Ford pickup truck. What a beauty!!

1965 Ford pickup truck
1965 Ford pickup truck
1965 Ford pickup truck
Pulling the staging.

Gina on the hunt for some tools.

Building a garage.
Gina on the hunt for tools.

Sunset comes quickly when the day is filled with work.

Building a garage
Another day comes to an end.

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