Building a home garage and workshop part 4

DIY building a garage kit
Ready for another day

Today my father-in-law lends a helping hand. Gina and I built and installed the gable ends and eaves made with 2×6 and finished installing the last of the sheet goods in the walls where the wall sections were joined together.



DIY garage kit
Stubbert is always willing to lend a hand.

Coming together.

Building a diy garage
Taking shape.

Here is one reason why we chose this spot to build a home.

Loch Katrine, Nova Scotia
Stopping to take a view.

We get a lot of comments about the steepness of the driveway.

Building a home.
We get a lot of comments on the driveway!

For anybody who doubted my comments about how much backfill was necessary. When I said over 100 loads, I was not kidding.

Filling in the landscape
Back fill

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