Building a home garage and workshop part 3

Building a Garage and Workshop kit
The rain continues… the work does not.

Today Gina and I finished the back wall and the remaining side wall sections. Then in the early morning we had some help putting up all the sections and got started on the trusses before the rain stopped us.




Garage building kit
Taking shape.

We went back around lunch time when my sister and her family arrived to help out. My brother in law, Mark, and I finished the trusses and friends from this morning showed up again to help us get the sheets onto the roof. Then Mark and I sheeted in the roof.

Building a workshop
Thanks to helpful neighbors!

Site supervisors! 🙂

Building a garage
Gov officials? No! Peanut gallery! 😉

Lots of helping hands!

Building a garage kit
Grateful for the help.
Garage building from a kit
Careful on that roof!
Building a workshop
Mark and I on deck

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