Round deck walkway and walk-through arbor

How to build a backyard deck.
The curved walkway decking is done!

All done. That outer edge was cut using a circular saw. You would be surprised to learn that a circular saw can indeed cut a curved line. Just make sure you wear hearing protection. These types saws are loud enough as is, but with the added friction of the circular blade rubbing against the kerf cut… trust me when I say it gets loud.



At this time I started on the walk through trellis arbor at the driveway. Not much to it really. I made it up as I went along. Framing with 4×4 posts to meet the garage with the round deck.

DIY deck building
Framing an arbor entrance.

Filled in the side panels with the same type of privacy screen. The goal is to eventually get that climbing vine to grow over the arbor.

How to build a round deck.
All done.. and this time I mean it 🙂

Of course, the true test is that of a Newfoundland winter. Which it passed with flying colors. 🙂

Build your own deck.
Surviving a Newfoundland winter!


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