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Collapsible Basket

Collaspible Scrollsaw Basket
Collaspible Scroll saw Basket

The Mission: Still new to scroll sawing. I thought I’d take a look at trying a new skill.

The heart tipped basket (right) was my first attempt at collapsable baskets. Made from solid red oak and finished by soaking it in tung oil for a 30 minutes. I then took it out and let it dry overnight. The next day I wipe off the excess and gave it a finishing rub down. On the original pattern the ends where you see the hearts simply stopped, no decoration. So I thought about changing it up a little bit by adding a few hearts.  What intrigues me about this type of project is the collapsing bowl and how it stays in that position. While at the same time, it can all be flatten and put away for storage.

Design your own baskets.
Make up your own designs!

The basket on the left is based on the same basket pattern but I wife got inspired and gave it a handle with flowers. I have to admit that it was a bit of a challenge at the time. Its great to come up with your own designs.


There are entire books written on this subject matter, like this one.

Multi-Use Collapsible Basket Patterns Book
Multi-Use Collapsible Basket Patterns Book

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