Brick door stop

Door stop made from a brick
Recycle a brick paver!

Who needs latches or wooden wedges or fancy gadets to hold open your door! This fun craft is simple in design and easy to make. But unless you are handy with a mason cutting tool I suggest you see your local brick layer to get them to cut some peaks on the bricks or you could glue a triangle piece of wood to the top.

Or, just not bother to cut the brick and simply leave it in its original rectangle shape and paint the brick to resemble a brownstone apartment found in many downtown urban areas. This one was painted using regular craft supply paints. The roof is made with a old shingle I had laying around but you could also use small pieces of wood and either paint shingle details on it or smear the wood with a thin layer of regular white or yellow glue and sprinkle sand on it. Attach the shingle or wood to the brick using hot glue. While the shingle on this project extends past the front of the brick to resemble the eave of a house roof, you shouldn’t do the same at the rear of the brick. Position the shingle just short of the back edge to prevent the shingle from marking the door. This is one reason for using the wood to create your roof.

A Newfoundland born Canadian with a life long interest in woodworking, baking and anything else that peaks my curiosity.


  • Angela Collier

    Hi. Is there a chance that you are selling the brick door stops? I have been looking everywhere and absolutely love the one you made. Thank you.

    Angela. 🙂

    • Jim Barry


      No. It was just something we did to show what can be done with a left over brick. Besides, to ship a brick via the post office and pay for our time to replicate that brick, you’d be near the $95 price tag.


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