Row boat

Rowboat bookshelf
Let’s get nautical !

The boat was made from all scrap material. A bit of 1×4 spruce strapping and some 2×8 spruce pieces left over from a set of stairs. The sides are made of 1/4 inch thick plywood. The bow of the boat is capped with a piece of roof flashing.

The paddles are made of 3/4 inch pine and this was the only lumber I had to buy. This was another eyeball project from a picture I seen a Country Sampler magazine. I have to admit that this magazine has been a source of ideas for many years.

I have also seen this similar type project made into a coffee table. Make another set of paddles, crisscross and secure them together to make a stand, place the boat on top and then lay a piece of safety glass over top. The new table will be a conversation piece and the inside of the boat can be a place to display trinkets and such stuff.

In our online store we feature many, many nautical woodworking projects and in particular, there is a boat design similar to what I made. You can find that here.

Rowboat bookshelf
Let’s get nautical !



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