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Deck in the round part 6

Custom lighting for a deck
Lighting installed

So this is a close up shot of a completed post with the cap installed. The cap is attached with two deck screws through the top down into the sides of the post.




Custom lighting for a deck
Lighting installed

Some other features of the deck. This is a shot of the steps leading to the top deck. 5/4 by 6 inch pressure treated deck boards were edge joined then cut to fit for the inside piece. Then a straight board was placed for the front.

Building a round deck
Curved steps on a round deck

And this is a shot of the steps leading to the middle level. Again the same method was used. I decided to use a straight board for the outside board because it will be easier to replace when it wears or if the edge breaks.

Building a round deck
DIY deck steps.

So here’s a before and after.

Time for a new woodworking project.
Old deck, rotten wood.
DIY round deck construction.
tri level round deck
Time for a deck renovation.
Old deck in disrepair.
DIY round deck.
Skirting still needs to be installed.

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