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Deck in the round with lighting part 5

Lighting up a round deck.
Simple deck post

Well, it took more than a week to build the panels for the upper deck.





Once I had all the posts in place and evenly spaced, I started on the panels.

Lighting up a round deck.
Simple deck post

I spent over a week on the panels with no time to take pictures. Best way to describe the method is I edge glued the verandah flooring to make a really big 4 ft x 4 ft panel. 4 ft is just about the spacing of the posts. Each panel needs 3 curved rails. I drew the curve for one and when it fit right, I made the other two. Then cut 24 inch long fence panel boards to make the offset panel section.

This is how I installed the lighting in each post. All 19 lights are on one circuit, each bulb is 15 watts which is more than enough for the 15 amp breaker. This post contains the outdoor switch.

Custom deck lighting
Wiring the switch.

A hole is drilled to fit the porcelain socket securely in place and the socket is attached with wood screws. Porcelain shatters at the slightest pressure so the screws cannot be tighten too much.

Wiring a deck for lighting.
Deck lighting socket.

One panel is up, the bulb is in place ready to add the other acrylic panel.

Wiring a custom lighting deck
Bulb in place.

This is a shot to show the panel with the top wooden piece. The piece has a groove in it so the panel stays in place.

Simple kerf cut
Opaque panel.

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