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Deck in the round Part 2

Woodworking a round deck
Trimming the round deck

I first installed a few upper and lower portions of the blocking and thought about how to cut the curves. I choose to use a reciprocating saw but not only was it a rough cut, my arms continued to shake after the saw was off! 🙂 I used 1/2 inch pressure treated plywood as a banding to cover up the blocking.



Woodworking a round deck
Trimming the round deck

There had to be a better way. The bandsaw! Once the 2 inch blocking was cut to the appropriate angles, the arcs were scribed and I cut both the upper and lower block at the same time on the bandsaw. Done in a matter of seconds with a perfect cut.

Building a round deck.
Look! A heli-pad! 🙂

Although I started to use the chop saw I found it could not make a 45 degree cut in one pass. I quickly made a jig and in combination with the circular saw, I made quick work of the miter cuts.

The 5/4 x 6 inch pressure treated deck boards are in place. As I placed the outside deck boards I scribed them from underneath to follow the curve of the deck and cut them on the bandsaw.

Constructing a round deck.
Decked out and tired too!

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