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Deck in the round

Time for a new woodworking project.
Old deck, rotten wood.

I’ve never been known to shy away from a challenge. 🙂 I’ve never really built a deck all by myself before. No sense learning from a basic design, how boring would that be! 🙂




These two shots show what was in place. A basic deck installed by a previous owner that only lasted about 7 years. They used only regular grade lumber, no treatment for exterior weather. As a matter of fact, it looks like they scrounged most of the materials in bits and pieces.

Time for a new woodworking project.
Old deck, rotten wood.
Time for a deck renovation.
Old deck in disrepair.

So here is the start of the new deck. The previous deck was too low exiting from the doors so I raised it to just under the j trim of the siding. I choose not to use a ledger board.

Plenty of bracing.
Top tier of the deck.

The overall design of the deck will incorporate curved features. As you can see the top landing bows outward about 12 inches in the center. This portion is 10 feet long and 5 feet wide. You can see the posts on the top deck. These are the beginning of deck posts with built in lighting. Never did that before either. I mean really, if a person is going to jump in with both feet, might as well go right up to your neck! 🙂

Lighting up the deck.
Built in deck lighting.

The first main deck level. The diameter of the circular deck will be 12 feet. Joists and beams were laid out past this point to ensure proper placement of the blocking.

Lots of deck bracing.
Stringers in place.

Read on for Part 2

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