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    Saw Mill Laser Installation

    A laser beam allows a sawyer to see on the log where the blade will travel before starting the cut. This can be handy as it will save some time when cutting crooked logs or when you want specific features added to, or cut from, live edge slabs. Laser beam kits are available for many of the bigger, more expensive saw mills but for our small manual mill, no luck. Time to make up a DIY kit. Beam me up!

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    laser line
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    Spruce Logs to Build Kiln Shed

    We spent Saturday this past weekend getting spruce logs to mill into 2 x 4 stud lumber to build the kiln shed. For these ones we had to travel to Piedmont, which is about a 45 minute drive. We headed out at 9am for the first load. Jim had asked Darrell for about three cords and he only wanted logs larger than 8 inches across. I know you must be thinking, why didn’t we just go cut logs ourselves. Well, time is the number one factor. Ain’t nobody got time for that, well…apparently Darrell does.

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    Darrell loading the spruce logs.
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    Sawmill drip tank

    One of the basic components to sawmills is the drip tank, aka the lube tank. It provides water (or other mixture) that drips onto the blade while slicing through the wood. In essence, it lubricates and helps cool the blade; the lube makes it easier on the engine pulling the blade through the wood and the cooling helps keep the blade in better condition.

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    Don’t use wax based windshield washer fluid in cold temperatures.
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    Workyard expansion

    Never thought I would say this but we started expanding the work yard today. Going inwards on each side of the road about 30-40 ft. For now it will be a place to put flitches and rejects off the mill. Afterwards it’ll be space for a couple 10×20 sheds. Its a sloped hill, so dirt removed from the left side will be used to fill in the right side.

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    Scraps ready to chip.
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    How to install an hour meter on machinery

    Equipment maintenance is important. You work hard for your money so when you spend that money on something, you want that something to last as long as possible. When it comes to big and small engines, the common maintenance task is the oil change. An hour meter can solve that problem.

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    engine hour meter installation

    Today we install one on a saw mill. The best part is its super easy.