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Flowers from the garden

colourful bush in the garden

Just a few images from the garden, store bought type and wild flowers. Can you tell the difference? Click on each image to see a larger image. If your browser is small, you can click the image again to get full size.
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Planting fruit trees

This summer brings about the task of planting some fruit trees in front of the house. Something I’ve been wanting to do since moving here. Last year we planted two apple trees. So this year we set about purchasing nursery trees from Pleasant Valley Nursery in Antigonish.

We chose two pear trees, a D’Anjou and a Harrow Crisp. Pear trees need two different types in order to pollinate. Also, we chose self pollinating trees; a Tehranivee cherry, a Stanley plum and a Venture peach tree.

Here’s a before picture of the proposed planting area taken from the deck above.
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Clean up day at the house

home maintenance,vinyl siding cleanup,mildew
Getting started

The north side of the house does not see much sun, and the moss and mildew grows unabated. Every couple years I get up to clean it off. I am using a Jeep brand mildew remover, I’m on the last little bit. I ran out near the end and sprayed on some Spray-Nine cleaner. Honestly, it could of been the same product, same smell, same results.
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Clearing land behind workshop

excavating,landscaping,land clearing
excavating behind garage

Well I finally gave up on trying to break up the embankment with the skidsteer while waiting for local contractors to show up (over a year waiting). The soil got too compact for me to break into, so I called a company from a nearby town. Blaine MacLane Excavation did a site visit on Saturday and Tuesday morning they showed up. Robert was the operator and he did a excellent job. I easily recommend them again for any work. For them, no job is too small or too big.

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Pine tree down

pine trees,fallen,snow load
Pine tree down

Sad to discover this pine tree down across the road today. 🙁 It was at a turn in the road, we kept the tree trimmed over the years leaving just enough branches to walk or drive under. No more.

Always sad to see an otherwise healthy tree go down. Apparently though it did not have much of a root ball, so that played a part in its demise.

pine tree,fallen under snow load
small root ball

If the tree had fallen anywhere else I’d leave it alone, as it might still continue to grow even like that. But its in the road we use, so I don’t know what we’ll do there, mostly likely cut it down and salvage what we can for woodworking projects and the rest will go for the fireplace.


Digging some dirt and screening some soil

Had what I call a good day today in the yard. After performing the annual chimney sweep in the morning, the afternoon was filled with seat time in the MTL (skidsteer), moving dirt and digging with the backhoe.

Stupid gopro camera stopped recording when I got going with the backhoe. Its done that before, not sure why. The camera was on a tripod so it wasn’t getting bumped around, which is the usual culprit.

Also got some dirt screening done. The screener I built has lived up to its expectations. As I need rock or soil, I dump down a load of dirt. Rocks fall on one side and the soil falls in a neat little pile for easy pick up.