Milling lumber with Chainsaw today

Spent about 4 hours or saw making lumber today from the fir and spruce logs I had piled up behind the workshop. The logs were cut in summer 2014. The bark still on, they are starting to get buggy. So I slabbed some up to get some 2×4 or whatever I could get. The scraps and small logs were cut up for firewood.

This is the type of chain I use for slabbing the logs.

I keep forgetting that the GoPro camera damn near needs to be on top of the action to get some decent footage. View the video in full screen for a closer look.

Sliding Screen Door for the Garage

Screen door for the garage

Screen door for the garage

The attached garage is a place we use to store firewood during the winter. Usually we can keep about a cord at a time. For some time now I’ve wanted to have a screen door at the entrance to allow a cross breeze with the windows on the opposite side of the garage. It would help keep the humidity down, which is something I’ve noticed a lot this year.

So I present to you the nothing fancy sliding screen door.



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