Painting and Flooring: Part 2

We are still plugging away at a neighbours house, and yes…we are still painting. Yesterday we almost finished all the painting in the master vanity/walk-in closet/toilet-tub area but we ran out of white paint.

Here is the before of the closet… walls, ceiling, trim…everything was beige.



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Painting and Flooring Job

Yesterday we started a small job which has grown in size.  If you remember, we had installed a new glass storm door for a neighbour a few weeks ago. At the time she mentioned she would like to have new flooring installed in two bedrooms: a spare bedroom and her master bedroom and ensuite, plus walk-in closet.

The spare room had some damage to the drywall where a cabinet had been removed, so she asked to have the drywall fixed and both rooms painted.

First up was fixing the drywall in the spare room.


Drywall repairs

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Claw foot bathtub and vanity bureau installation

Fiberglass claw foot bathtub.

Fiberglass claw foot bathtub.

We bought this tub through Sears, its made of fiberglass and acrylic. A few months after we bought it we found another style at Rona, which, for $200 more was better styled and thicker walls. Almost like a slipper foot style, but I was committed to this tub, so it stays.




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