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Helping out where and when I can.

Gravestone repairs

We are the caretakers of the cemetery across the lake from us. We have been for about 11 years now. That involves mowing and any repairs we see fit. Saturday we spent the afternoon at the cemetery filling in low spots in the grass and straightening some headstones. As you can see, this one is tilting forward quite a bit. It is actually tilted more than this picture shows since the cemetery is on a hill.

headstone repairs

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Kings United Church: Sign #1

The folks at Kings United Church asked for two new signs for the church. One for beside the front doors (which Jim is working on) and another for the side of the church that faces the road. So we got to work on the largest sign first.

Large sign for side of the church.

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Kings United Cemetery Cleanup Day II

Saturday morning brought cool weather and overcast skies. Ideal weather for working in the brush. Still though, you have to keep an eye on your water intake. For me, I sweat a lot now when working. Comes with age I guess 🙂 During a day like this I can easily put down 2-3 litres of water while working.

This was a big undertaking. Much more labour intensive than last weekend. Maybe that’s why most people stayed away from the request to volunteer some manual labour. Only Bruce Sinclair and his dad Lloyd showed up. We are grateful to them for that. Continue reading Kings United Cemetery Cleanup Day II

4-H Club woodworking project – bookcases

4H bookcases
4H bookcases

The local 4-H club’s woodworking class has asked me to cut out some projects for their upcoming event. This simple… yet time consuming project is a bookcase that stays together with no nails, screws or glue. Just tapered wedges cut from 1″ diameter hardwood dowels. They are paying for the materials and I am providing my time at no charge.



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