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Painting and Flooring: Part 2

We are still plugging away at a neighbours house, and yes…we are still painting. Yesterday we almost finished all the painting in the master vanity/walk-in closet/toilet-tub area but we ran out of white paint.

Here is the before of the closet… walls, ceiling, trim…everything was beige.


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Painting and Flooring Job

Yesterday we started a small job which has grown in size.  If you remember, we had installed a new glass storm door for a neighbour a few weeks ago. At the time she mentioned she would like to have new flooring installed in two bedrooms: a spare bedroom and her master bedroom and ensuite, plus walk-in closet.

The spare room had some damage to the drywall where a cabinet had been removed, so she asked to have the drywall fixed and both rooms painted.

First up was fixing the drywall in the spare room.

Drywall repairs

While waiting for that to dry, we started on the master. First up was removing the carpet, underlay, and tack strips.

Starting carpet removal

We were working around the bed and dresser so once we removed the flooring from one side of the room, we moved the furniture and continued with the removal on the other side.

Carpet is gone.

Above is the vanity area and walk-in closet. To the right is the room with tub and toilet. That vinyl flooring was removed next.

With the floors all swept up we started on painting the master bedroom.

Jim on the move.

All trim (and there is a lot) was painted white while the walls were painted grey. At the end of the first day we had the master bedroom painted with two coats of grey. The Benjamin Moore Aura brand paint allows for a second coat in 1-2 hours. Next we will move into the vanity area, walk-in closet and toilet/tub area.

I painted the trim, Jim did the walls

Still quite a few days of work left on this job.

On our way down her driveway at 5pm to go home we spotted two racoons in a tree on her lawn.

I see you!!

It gets dark so early these days.


Workyard expansion

Never thought I would say this but we started expanding the work yard today. Going inwards on each side of the road about 30-40 ft. For now it will be a place to put flitches and rejects off the mill. Afterwards it’ll be space for a couple 10×20 sheds. Its a sloped hill, so dirt removed from the left side will be used to fill in the right side.

pulp wood,Nova Scotia, wood lot owners,land clearing
Scraps ready to chip.

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Gravestone repairs

We are the caretakers of the cemetery across the lake from us. We have been for about 11 years now. That involves mowing and any repairs we see fit. Saturday we spent the afternoon at the cemetery filling in low spots in the grass and straightening some headstones. As you can see, this one is tilting forward quite a bit. It is actually tilted more than this picture shows since the cemetery is on a hill.

headstone repairs

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Wildlife and puppies

The other evening after supper we spied four deer on our front lawn. The most we have ever seen at one time before was three, usually a mother and two babies. They stayed for close to an hour, eating of course. They looked very healthy.

This was the largest one, we assume its the Mom.

Momma deer

They were really beautiful.

Smallest deer

They were spread out too far to get a picture of all four at once.

So pretty.

Love nature.

A friend got a new puppy, a golden retriever, and we had to go see him. His name is Massey. Get ready for cuteness overload.

Ball of fluff

I had him on my lap and he was very cuddly.

Soooo soft

He is 8 weeks old in these pictures.

He is just checking things out.

We haven’t pulled the trigger and got a dog yet. Still not sure.


How to install an hour meter on machinery

Equipment maintenance is important. You work hard for your money so when you spend that money on something, you want that something to last as long as possible. When it comes to big and small engines, the common maintenance task is the oil change. An hour meter can solve that problem.

engine maintenance,hour meters,IZTOR,Amazon
engine hour meter installation

Today we install one on a saw mill. The best part is its super easy.

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Pine logs and water issues

The weather this past week was beautiful. Cool nights and warm afternoons with a good breeze. Can’t complain. We got a start on milling the pine logs, I would say we are NEARLY  half way through the pile. We try and get in a few hours everyday, only way to get them milled it seems. One noteworthy log measured 16 inches across.

16″ pine log

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