Mounting tires for the race car bed

Screwing into MDF typically requires predrilling for the best method of joining parts. The action of drilling removes the MDF material that is taken up by the shaft of the screw. Many wood types, especially soft woods like pine, are forgiving. Continue reading Mounting tires for the race car bed

Sanding the race car tires

I am about near finished the side panels for the race car bed. Today I am working on finishing the sanding, using a hand file and some sandpaper. Hind sight being 20/20 I would of put the flush trim bit on the router table and would of had all four wheels done in less than a minute. Ah, the price you pay from learning after the fact. 🙂

Router bit bearing blow out

What is worse than a bearing breaking on a flush trim router bit? Having that broken bit travel into the project panel and gouging a hole that is not suppose to be there. This little video talks about that incident and a solution for fixing it, so that we can continue with building this race car bed.

Lowes® Race Car Bed measurements

Its always a good idea to review a woodworking plan and double check the measurements. Then as you proceed through the measuring of the parts, take your time and double check again. Today I found an error in this plan. Its no big deal, an easy fix at this stage. Continue reading Lowes® Race Car Bed measurements