Homemade Baked Donuts

On the weekend we decided to try baked donuts. This was more of an experiment than anything. No high expectations at all. While surfing around the internet, I came across a recipe for baked donuts. First thought was, probably not very good. But after reading further I found out it was a thing. Before we could start we had to see if we could find donut pans locally. Low and behold, we did.

baked donuts

Donut pans.

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Make Your Own Granola Bars

If you have never even considered making your own granola bars, I am going to try and change your mind today. I won’t give you the recipe but a quick search online will give you many options according to your taste. You might say, “But, Gina, I can just go buy some at the grocery store.” And to that I would say, “When you make them yourself you know what’s in them!”

granola bars

Granola goodness.

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Busy Weekend

I love Saturdays for some reason. I guess its because it feels like it is the beginning of two days of freedom to do what ever we choose. Although this time of year we always end up doing some office work to get ahead of Monday.

Besides that we managed a few other things, like a much needed power wash of the skidsteer. We didn’t want to leave the mud on it and have that freeze in place.

skidsteer,land clearing


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Another day at the sawmill

On Tuesday, with our house guest gone, we were able to get out to the mill again. While the puppy was here, he wanted no part of our work area. Jim was working with the skidsteer  to tidy up the yard and the puppy wasn’t impressed with the noise. I wouldn’t leave him in the house alone, he would only cry and paw at the glass door, so Jim was flying solo.


Flying solo

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