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Baking has been a part of my life as long as woodworking, maybe longer.

No sugar? No salt? No problem!

Every week I have to make bread at home. I make other things too with this same bread dough, rolls, sub buns, hamburger buns and pizza shells. Today its white bread. But today I realized that after I had the dough developed I forgot to add the sugar and salt. Now what to do? Here’s a simple solution.

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home baking

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Busy Weekend

I love Saturdays for some reason. I guess its because it feels like it is the beginning of two days of freedom to do what ever we choose. Although this time of year we always end up doing some office work to get ahead of Monday.

Besides that we managed a few other things, like a much needed power wash of the skidsteer. We didn’t want to leave the mud on it and have that freeze in place.

skidsteer,land clearing

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Another day at the sawmill

On Tuesday, with our house guest gone, we were able to get out to the mill again. While the puppy was here, he wanted no part of our work area. Jim was working with the skidsteer  to tidy up the yard and the puppy wasn’t impressed with the noise. I wouldn’t leave him in the house alone, he would only cry and paw at the glass door, so Jim was flying solo.

Flying solo

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Weekend Happenings

Good morning on this hot, humid Monday in Nova Scotia. We finally got a little rain but it brought humid conditions with it. We spent Saturday catching up on the little things that haven’t been getting done. Jim worked at a neighbours fixing her windows after ordering the parts a few weeks ago. And this happened…again…

cake,baking,yogurt cake
Yogurt cake.

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