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Vintage Logging Photos

1884 Laying wooden pipe near Astoria, OR1890 Men standing with logs in front of Fraser Valley Sawmill.1890 Men using a team of oxen.1890s Donkey engine, horse, and logging crew.1890s Horses drafting a big load1890-Five-yoke logging oxen team (front side).1890 Five-yoke logging oxen team (back side)1886 A feed mechanism for saw mill carriages1888 Deadwood Terra Gold Stamp Mill, one of the Homestake Mills, Terraville.1889 Logging Scene near Vancouver, B.C.1880 big lumber-34x54x90ft3 wheel truck hauling some big logs.1855 Sawmill invention1869 log jam in Chippewa Falls.1867 Stump house.6ft diameter Bendickson Logging crew members4 men starting a hinge cut.1910 Warren Spruce Company during WWI1900 Trucking on a fore-and-aft road in Funter Alaska.1890s Logging crew road buildersView of log pond from top of jack ladder1911 Knox hauling lumber for Dudfield Lumber, Palo Alto, CaliforniaOld scrag head rig circle saw mill.1941 Heavy weight on the tail gate.1918 fore and aft pole roadA pole road in use (video)Coal-fired vertical boiler logging locomotiveHorses pulling big log on a pole road.Road train pole road British Columbia.Road train pole road with an Upright Climas geared locomotive.Laying ties for logging railroad in Lincoln County, Wisconsin.3 wheel tractor hauling a big log

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