Our company offers a number of “I.D.C.” services, some at a local level and others at a global level.

International Distribution Center.

Ideas. Design. Create. Our online company markets and distributes world wide the woodworking plans for publishers and independent designers throughout North America, Europe and New Zealand. We distribute woodworking plans and patterns from our main warehouse here in Nova Scotia. We offer for sale paper plans that can be mailed, as well as electronic plans that can be downloaded.

I Do Custom woodworking.

Contact us for your custom needs. Visit our Products for Sale page as well as our Wood Products Sold to see a short variation of projects we can make.

I Do Cutting

Our portable mill can cut lumber from logs. Capable of handling up to 17ft logs with a 30 inch diameter. I typically handle much smaller logs than that. $50 per hour. Plus any logs that contain foreign material sufficient to cause damage to the saw blade is an additional $30 for each blade damaged.

I Do Custom Sharpening for Sawyers.

I charge $10 a saw mill blade and it includes setting. Tax included in that price. Blades have to be clean, no pitch build up, before setting and sharpening. Blades that come in and need cleaning is an extra $3 a blade. You can ship your blades or drop them off. Either way, please provide a means to transport the sharp blades back to your shop, that is, a sturdy box with sufficient padding. Please contact me with your sharpening needs before shipping blades, to ensure we have the correct CBN wheel for your blades. We carry some profiles but we do not yet carry all profiles. If you have any other questions please just let me know.

I Do Chipping

We have mobile wood chippers that can chip and mulch trees up to 8 inches in diameter. Generally, I feel anything bigger than 4 inches should be saved for either the wood pile or if long enough, to make lumber (depending on the wood species). But anything else can be chipped and mulched right on the spot. Which is perfect for gardeners who have alder trees (or any other tree) they want to get rid of and then use the fine chips and and mulch we make for their garden beds or for adding to compost.

Destination charge : $1.00 per km
Hourly rate of machine and one labourer: $75.00

wood chipping,downed trees,branches,mulch,compost,bark
Have Trees? We chip!

I Do Chopping.

We have a mobile wood splitter that efficiently cuts in both directions to quickly split through wood.
We’ll bring the splitter, fuel and labour to operate the machine. If you can assist with the labour to bring the wood to the splitter, that will be cheaper for you. We’re located in Antigonish county (near Goshen) but can travel to you for a reasonable per km rate. We’ll split on site. Maybe your neighbours need splitting done as well? Have them come over and lend a hand to get it done quickly.  Split the costs so everybody wins.

I don’t charge by the cord because each cord can vary in time depending on the type and size of wood, how small you would want it split and how many people are available to help you out.

Destination charge: $1.00 / km
Hourly rate of machine and one labourer: $45.00

It easy splits the small stuff

Ink and Draft Copying

Ideal for fundraising, archiving documents and maps, line art, architectural drawings, photo enlargement or wide and long banners. Resizing is also available. Confidentiality guaranteed. Our in-house printing service is equipped to;

  1. scan and print both black/white and full color documents. Ideal for government, institutional, contractors, home owners and students who need re-prints of their photos, schematic drawings or anything else.
  2. We can scan-to-print and we can also accept PDF documents by email or portable zip drive.
  3. We can scan documents as wide as 36 inches and can print to the length of 150 feet.
  4. We offer fast black/white and color thermal printing on paper sized up to 11 x 17 inches.
  5. We offer wide format full color ink jet printing up to 36 inches wide for pictures, portraits, posters, banners etc. We can print on #20 paper, vynil, self adhesive vinyl, as well as canvas. Other specialty media can be made available.
  6. We can print and staple booklets (example, calendars).
  7. We can resize scanned documents bigger or smaller.

Information Data Copying

Our digital services offer the ability to digitize wide format drawings on paper and convert them into full color or B&W digital files, whether you need a digital archive of a set of maps or engineer drawings, etc.

I Do Carpentry

We have a wide range of experience in property maintenance, renovations and general handyman services. Our online store and sawmilling takes up much of our time but if a local resident calls with something that needs to be done I can see if I can schedule it in. It general comes down to the task required to be done and how much time it might take to do it. We currently mow lawns for a number of properties in and around Loch Katrine and Argyle.

Destination charge : $1.00 per km
Hourly rate of tools and labour: $40.00

carpentry,home renovations,property maintenance Carpentry and general handyman services/property mainte


  • MB

    whoah this blog is fantastic i love reading your articles.

    Keep up the good work! You already know, many individuals are looking round for this info, you could help them greatly.

  • Stephen Clark

    Great blog and some really nice work. I am hoping to get your impressions on the champion sawmill you purchased now that you have had some time to work it. I am much like yourself and want to stay with 100% Canadian made if I can. So really just looking to see if you are still happy with the purchase and the quality. Any issues you have had with it, what you like about it.

    Thank you

    • Jim Barry

      G’morning Stephen,

      I’m happy with it. I didn’t get a whole lot of cutting time on it last fall. I didn’t cut since Nov/Dec, not much time for it plus its been snowed it. Its a good design I think, a 4 post system that cuts straight and enough horsepower for my needs. If I had to buy another one, I’d buy from them again.

  • Stephen Clark

    Thanks, I have been in touch with Mike and am going to make a stop in Fall river to see a fellow that has one from Mike as well. I really like to see and touch before I commit.

    Thanks again for you’re input